Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy guidelines for Infopedia: Infopedia is the world top level website that is developed to solve the problems of peoples. It does not focus only on one point. It is an encyclopedia that focuses world’s all problems. Infopedia provide solutions to your problems. Its privacy and policy guidelines are very strict. And users are allowed to use our website only if he/she is willing to follow our policy and privacy guidelines. This website contain huge collection of information. And steeling of information is strictly prohibited. If somebody copies our content, Necessary action will be taken against him under copy right act.

Our privacy and policies are not so much strict but these restrictions are useful for user and for infopedia developer. It is necessary for the user to read privacy policy of any website before they use this website. Our aim is not only to aware users about our privacy and policy, Also protect them from misuse of their personal information.

Many scams are happened only due to unawareness of the users. Many peoples developed fake website to steel user data.So, We request users to read their privacy and policy carefully. Although, Our privacy and policy is safe for all users but it is necessary for them to know what information we take. And how we use their information. The main purpose of discussing all this with our user is to protect them. We care for our user. It is worth for us to protect their privacy. Infopedia would provide useful information regarding every question. In case, You do not get answer of your question. You may forward an email on our given address.

What Information We collect

This is the main question and it is necessary to know what information we collect.What is our purpose to collect these information. How do we use them to make a relationship between user and infopedia. You will get answer of your all questions because we have made this website to answer of your question. Whenever, A user visit our website and sign up for some purposes. We collect their personal information including their name and email address. We save their information in our data base to give easy access to that user whose data had been saved.

Our Cookies Policy

To collect their all mentioned information we use cookies. User who search on our website cookies will save that data.These cookies try to show that pages which the user has visited more. But we keep their personal record and browsing history only for one week. These cookies save the overall activity of user on our website. These cookies aware us about our users search history. That help us to improve our website. One more thing, Our cookies do not store your credit cards information. We also request you do not put your credit cards record on all website. Use your credit cards only for trusted websites.

Infopedia-Child’s friendly

Infopedia is safe to use for all users. Specially, it is secure and provide safe browsing to children. Infopedia do not allow harmful content. Parent should not worry when their child is using website. It is one of the most trusted website. Infopedia gives quality education to children. Children are our assets and we care for them. We want to provide users a quality based content. Our developers have worked hard to make infopedia privacy and policy secure and safe.

We do not share your information with others.

We care for our users is only website, where you can find answers of your questions.

If you have any problem, You may contact us on our given address.

You may forward us an email directly or you can post your question on contact us page.